Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wish List

Dear Frnds,

This year I thought why not publish a wish list so that everyone who matters to me knows abt what do I desire...

1. Quit drinking and at the end tell mom abt this habbit...
2. Quit smoking to help out my lungs.
3. GGAGGAL (Go Get A Girl to Get A Life).
4. Spend a weekend all alone on some beach to overcome the fear of traveling alone!!
5. To spend a week exclusively with parents at home.
6. To get back a habit that got lost during collage.
7. Shell out all the honesty that I have towards work.
8. Visit every good place to dine in Pune along with anyone of you :)
9. To celebrate every festival as it is meant to be
10. Find synonym for happiness!! quite weird but surely I would ;)

As I'm not into materialistic world so you would find it bit different form the wish list as the definition of it goes don't be surprised though then :) just help me out in achieving all of them.