Wednesday, January 6, 2010

middle emotions.

In life or say daily you don't cradle extreme feelings for everyone or everything. So, what are this intermediate feelings? I tried looking for this 'neutral feelings' but found nothing. Instead I read something interesting about 7 different emotions of human being. woooo.... first of all why only 7? even the color grey has many, a lot or can say innumerable no of shades. I feel something indifferent about it and I take only three of those types described there instead of all 7.

Then, an innocuous question I asked, "what wud u call no feelings for someone or something? neutral love?? " snowballed into a major controversy :P But what was on your mind?? What do you really mean by neutral love?? Why the hell such a stupid thing even crossed your mind?? What do you mean by controversy?? I know, I know, u wanna swarm me with many questions, but please bear with me for sometime, I'll try to answer all your queries :->

Well, first, think about it, what is love?? I know, the same old stupid Sharukh Khan question, so we won't go deep into it, a simple definition says, love is "a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend". Simple, aint it ;-> Ok, so u have a feeling of attachment, or affection called love, now what is meant by hate?? Simple, a strong dislike for something is hate, in other words, its just the opposite of love!! Its all pretty simple haan, aint it?? But alas, its us dear friends, human beings, living in complex maze of emotions, and
feelings, which cant be summed up so simply, right? But don't worry, we will try to unravel the mysteries ;->

In that case, lets give it a try again, there's love, and then its opposite is called hate, and hate is also defined as "neutral apathy". Ahh, interesting, a new phrase, neutral apathy, so what's apathy now?? :O Well, very simply, apathy is "a state of indifference". So, a neutral state of indifference is hate(!!) and opposite of it is love(wooo.... so that means if you don't hate me implies you love me.... ahh cut the crap dk.)!!

Well, now I am not going back to these definitions, but for sure, it cant be these three extremes(yes, 3 extremes, its human emotions, remember?? cant wait for more to come!!!), love, hate, and indifference?? So, what else?? Lets c, so what do you call an emotion, which doesn't qualify for love, but for sure it is some emotion(apathy is too boring u c :P) did I hear liking?? Yeah, here it comes, you may not absolutely love someone or something, but you may still like it, right? OK, so u reduce the proportions of love, and u reach liking, and u reduce it further u reach
indifference or apathy, and reduce it even more(negative), u reach hate!! Wait a sec, do you really reach hate so easily?? I mean, is there not any equivalent of likeness in negative?? :O Guess there is, a simple dislike.

Uff, its becoming more confusing!! Ahh, I am now having an apathetic feeling towards life, guess am off to Himalayas, for the true apathy, "a state of mortification" : And regarding your queries, as they say, "sab moh maya hai" :P

Monday, January 4, 2010

I need someone to define 'evrything' for me!!

In the wee hours of day I had fallen asleep,Then suddenly on an voyage of dream I met him!! The God himself, and he asked me, "What do u want, Vats"? God dk!! Can't be true, he was standing there, right in front of me, asking for my wish :O

Ummmmm,mmmm....... after much thought,all I could utter, and that too, barely managed a murmur, "all I want is everything". Ahh, what did I ask for? Nothing much yaar just everything, after all he is god, he knows everything, you simply cant hide anything from him. Well, still he asked me something, that shook me, literally woke me, with shock, was what it took me.He asked me, "can you define any single thing, that would constitute your `everything`?". What??? No, it cant be, you don't expect such stupid questions, that too from god himself!! and you thought that "Mensa's" first member must have been his almighty himself!!

With all the courage I gathered during this dream, and the conviction that I had, through my IQ which was definitely greater then 'GOD', as what appeared to me as of then, I gave him the look, bordering precisely on surprise, shock, and sympathy, and with a Popeyeishly curved mouth asked him, "What??", "Define what?" and then started staring at him, waiting for his trillion rupees smile to switch over to nana patekar's anger, but instead got a sheepish smile, and a look bordering very precariously between, a no-teeth harmless and cute, childish smile, to again a no-teeth harmless, but well studied, experienced smile of an old man. And very calmly, he asked again, "yes my dear, can you define the things, that will constitute your everything? Do you want every single penny that will give you power to buy all the things, money can buy, or would you be happy to have every single nation under your flag, or having every single present, past and future living being as your slave will satisfy your need for everything?? Can you in the world define what constitutes your idea of everything?"

Now that's one insane thought.I asked for a simple, plain, no-nonsense thing, everything! If you don't have enough powers, or courage, then please, dont try to fool me into these stupid definitions. Hey hey hey, whats this weird laughter all about? Well, was it me or him, I don't know, cant say(:O), but he left, laughing like the 'roil' and telling me to think about it!!

Think about what, I need everything man, and it was you, who asked me for my wish, and now, all this? I just need everything........

Yep, I know, my tracks stuck on everything, and quite frankly, am not able to think what would constitute this everything!! All the money... nah, there are somethings money can't buy! All the love... hey, but can even god promise you that??? don't know....

Well, guess my first wish would be to be able to meet someone, who can define for me, this thing that we call, everything! But once again, who will it be?? Please god, if you can help me meet, for once, that someone, life, I think the only one, who possibly can help me understand things....

Arghhh, he is laughing till now, thankfully, have stopped rolling, just smiling, don't no what, cant say why :( Hey god, I know I will be able to count your teeth as well, the day I meet life :)