Saturday, October 17, 2009

You wouldn't understand!!

Whenever I'm at home I have to abide by the unsaid military laws at home :(  Every morning I have to wake up by 5 AM and get ready to accompany my father on the morning walk and trust me this is not just a walk usually it stretches to 5 KM and then some stretching and it's  a routine. Well it was Diwali morning and me and my all cousins were woken up but then I was the only one unlucky who was unable to escape and slip back into the bed. So now I had to accompany my father to his morning walk. It started as usual me asking the some question "Papa kya zaroort hai itni sawere chutti ke din bhi uth kar duadne ki?" and getting the same answer "Beta ye koi time hai uthne ka jab main padhta tha to main 4 baje uthta tha" hey do I have to remind him that I used to wake up at 3 am daily while I was preparing for my entrance exams during last ccouple of yers of school, but of no use so just kept walking. We reached the Tipnis ground. This is a ground which remains the same green let it be any season or any year, damn how much tax payers money does Air force spends to keep it green? We did some stretching then returned to B 6/2, Oberoi Lane our home at Hyderabad. So finally a tortures morning ended ahh god thanks for it.

I sat by the road to cool down in the breeze that was blowing. After a while a small girl of age somewhere around 12-14yrs age came in front of me. She was really a cute girl with angelic looks nd eyes. She asked me "hey why are you sitting here?" I replied " I had just returned from morning walk so thought of resting myself out here" she nodded her head as of she was saying Ok."what are you listening to?" looking at my headphones which were still in my ears, she asked in reply I said it's "The Train" band and then I asked her "have you heared of this band?" her reply was a yes. But then she said " You know there  is a singer Tyalor Swift with such a nice voice... she is jsut enough!! and I hope wouldn't have understood the depth  of her singing, people of your aage tend tobe leaned towards pop or rock but it's time for melody!! but hey you wouldn't understand!!" I was left speechless I don't know was it her frankness due to the defence culture in which we grew or her saying "You Wouldn't understand"?.

In school days I had studied abt the generation gap and used to think it is something that comes in 20-25 years but hey this girl... this girl made me realize  it's not that way. You know all that she mentioned was completely in sync with me I have been hearing to Tyalor Swift for past an year and the kind of music abt which see talked was too a familiar genre to me but she made me realize that in this fast pace world even the believes needs to be adjusted at the same pace or else you would be in midst of a generation gap!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thanks for being once again an Indian!!

One fine morning we were so tired last night's late party at offciers that after having the breakfast we decided lay down simply and give  break to our deepawali prepration. Then suddenly mummy said "beta let's got to the sai baba's mandir". I said cool Idea instead of sitting here let's go. In next coupleof hours we were there at the temple worshiping "Sai Baba". My mother then said "do you know? This is a Sai Baba's temple where a wish that comes heart is always fulfilled", Then I asked is it so?. and without waiting for her reply my heart made a wish ;) yea you guessed it right!! anyways this post is not about my ish or that temple it is something else.

Well by this time it was noon and the sun was on the head and believe me in the month of Oct to it was unbearable heat!! We sat by a shop on the road selling some sort of cool drinks me and my father were busy sipping the cool drink and mother busy searching for something or the other thing at the roadside vendors cart which were full of stickers and posters of different gods and goddesses and more color was added o there cart by intricate threads of many colors. Well suddenly then I saw two girls from not much familiar part of our country 'CHINKIS' approaching the same shop. Well by now I started thinking that a day which started with such a low note has suddenly  started picking up!! They sat in front of us and ordered the same cool drinks that we had just finished. In a  moment or so three guys with not so neatly dressed arrived at the shop an started talking to the shop owner in he local language but the gestures they gave to each other made there intentions very clear at least. This not so dudish guys started gazing those chicks I felt like saying the 'dudes! there is a certain level of grossness that a chick can take so leave them away now." but then I was with my father never knew how he would react. Then he asked me let's leave ant went to the shop owner asking him to settle the bills meanwhile one of the guy pulled a chair and sat in front off those girls opening some of his buttons on his shirt and started murmuring some word to those beauties with flawless skins and unmatched complexions... ahem ahem no offense!! Now that became really uncomfortable for me seeing people of my age presenting such a scene and that to when I was accompanied by my parents. I then saw towards my father and don't know what was on mind but hey... he picked it right and by the very next blink of eyes I saw my father standing behind that not so gentle-man with his hands on his shoulder who had pulled the chair in front of those girls. This was least expected by me from my father in times like those.I saw him saking that guy " Kya baat hai bhai kuch chahiye kya?" That guy replied in an frightened voice "nahi uncle jee bus khade nahi hua jaa rha tha isliye kursi kheench kar baitha tha." well are we fools? this is what I thought of asking him. " Sahi hai bhut garmi hai to ek kaam karo ye kursi yahn se utho aur unse thoda durr laga lo warna kahin aur naa garmi badh jae" in an sarcastic sense my father asked them and hey what we saw next was even more comic all of those three guys left. Now I was filled by pride if not being a hero by self then by atleast being son of a person who displayed some heroic act. Those two girls stood and for the first time we got a chace to hear there voice.They said "It was relly kind of you uncle." my father replied "Oh just carry one don't bother your self's continue with your stuff" then one of the girls in some serious tone said " No uncle we thank you for all this. We both are students from Tibet to the University of Hyderabad, and we like temples and people here in country so thought of visiting this temple and we were really frightened  when that guy pulled the chair in front of us but you helped us, people of this country are great you have given shelter to our leader Dalai Lama and to the helping hands that you people have provided to citizens of our countries over the years we thank you for being an Indian." both of those girl said namastey and left.

Then I thought, there were that three guys those who had just moments back tried to invade there integrity and they too where son of the same soil as my father who helped those two 'Chicks' but this 'Chicks' what did the say "Thanks once again for being an Indian" really it's strange!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

what is ttyl?

It was a monday in the festive season I had been called to office just to do some sort of knowledge transfer before I could  go for a much awaited vacationn by me. Although I could have left the previous weekend if I didn't had to be there on monday for that some out of the world KT damn I don't know why people have so much dependency upon some one, I mean it has been almost 6 months when last I was on a planned vacation and then too people in my team felt as if they have done a favour or some sort of boon by allowing me to utilise my hard earned vacations... wait a minute this post is not abt all this crap!! So as I wasvery much bored up and frustrated too so I decided to roam here and there with friends or write something sitting there but I had such a frustation inside me that sitting at one place nearly became impossible and as expected it was a monday so frnds from the office where busy in planning there weeks work, and as usual meetings. So I had a lots of time too kill!!

Well I had time but no Idea what to do so then I thought of a great idea... I thought of why not chat with 'rab ji' so then I started preparing my self. It took two visits to SZ and three cups of tea and four to five times I had to go to the loo to get free from natural calls so that they don't disturb me when I'm in middle of any converstion with 'rab ji'. Oh ahh  boring monday at office suddenly got filled with so much excitement and such a levelof annxiety got engrossed into me.

It took me two hours beefor I could pinged her!! then I said 'Hi ******' and started praying hey god please please... I must  get a reply this time then in anxiety I sent another message 'Hey you there?' then I got the reply 'yes' followed by 'h' followed by '*hi' and I thought is she in hurry to somewhere or much busy and relaized 'damn! I have once again caught her in wrong time...', you know every time I collect some courage to talk to her it's my hard luck that very moment she is busy with her work :(  Anways this time she started replying the cht lasted for some time or so. Then she said
'hey i'm lil busy'
'wud ttyl'

hmmm 'ttyl' what is this? I was in a position of shock and awe!!, shock because I was left with no answer and awe because I had no clue what did 'wud ttyl' meant. Now what do I have? I asked my self and started figuring out ttyl... hmmm... is it titali (butterfly)? nah why all of a sudden she would say 'wud titali' I mean it doesn't at all makes sense. After that to many thoughts started crossing my head and then I relized I have my very intelligent blood relation from the fairer sex on the other side of another chat window... hey she must be knowing what is ttyl. Suddenly I was having my phone in my hand and the next no i dialled was of her.

me: Hey, chat window dekh..
She: kya hua?
me:bas dekh..
She: ye kya hai?
me: ye mujhe mer rab jee neping kiya hai.
She: to?
me: Iska kya matlab hai?
She: Mujhe kya interprator samjh rakha hai... bhag jaa yahan se.. mere pass koi kaam nahi hai lekin tere pass to hai kar shanti se..
me: plz bata de dost... plzz...
She: arrey dumbo itna bada ho gaya aur iss lingo ka matlab bhi nhi pta hai.
me: Arey nahi pata hai isiliye to pucha hai bata de...
She: She meant that she would talk to you later i.e. 'wud ttyl'.
me: is it so?
She: haan!
me: chal phone rakh jaldi se.
She: haan cal bhag ja and ab paise lagenge interprate karne ke!!

ok! so she meant would talk to you later... hmmm... damn ye kya hai? I'm so poor in this lingo!! but hey gr8... It took me around half an hour and even help from someone, so what is the point in using such lingo or is this at all a valid question to be asked? or rather it should be that is it at all a good idea to chat with someone without knowing all this lingo that is being used this days? Once again she intricate my thoughts!!