Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's all about breaking the glass!!

it's all about breaking the glass!! but what glass?? even I don't know :) I read it on a magazine's cover page last night while I was passing by a news stand. But when I was in my bed past the subconscious mark the same cover page was in front me... this time it was not just a glossy piece of writing!! But then I thought I must try googling it. Still found nothing. Now this thought got more intricate the more I tried resolving it.

I don't know what is it about or what was the context of it, but still it caught my attention and caught quite seriously.

As they say "The devil that you know is better than the devil that you don't know". Once something new catches your attention and if you're unable to unravel its mystery, trust me it gets worse, worse then before.

I'm sure there are a few others out there who believe and think the way I do, but the truth is - every person that I get to know is worse than the person before, & the people that are chasing me now, are quite scary!!

I know till now I'm unable to bring what exactly is on my mind but you would have to stand with me with all my verbosity. In simple words I'm looking for an answer to a very subtle question. How far should a person go before he gets distracted by something new?? I know at this moment everyone of you would be having more or less the same answer "It depends upon after what you're". Lets look it this way, you're one very altruistic person, now you have a desire, desire to be great, big and blah blah. The way you choose to get closer to your desire has a pathway which would surely be a blow to desires or rather dreams that your beloved one's have seen for & with you. But this one chance if missed maybe in future you would get another opportunity, not as grand this one, to get closer your desire. So what do you do?? would you leave this evil opportunity and hope for another cleaner opportunity?? Who knows the next time a similar or maybe even grander opportunity knocks your door and maybe then you would be in more slimy situation then now!!

How far? I mean how far do think before taking a risk or faking the risk? Whenever I used to be in a situation where I had choices to make and risk to be taken, I never thought. I just took the first path and made the first choice. Maybe that's the reason why I have ended up here.

People with time evolve. I wouldn't say change, because the change happens for good. So by our evolution everything changes inside us. That gives us the motivation to change the demography in which we live. But again this change to was resultant of a choice made and risk taken. If every change used to happen for some good the surely every person should have been happy with the way choose to spend their life's.

My ability or say weakness to question every other thing at the start leads me into a blown up bubble of thoughts. Damn that line "it's all about breaking the glass!!" too led me to such a bubble. I wouldn't be shocked if die of thinking.

Now I again I ask the same question "How far should some one go, go to find answers to the questions in his head?" Reply me guys. This time I don't want to make the first choice or take the first risk that comes in front of me. I want to be bit thought full this very time and hence.