Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Free from desires...

I may not be able to make it larger than life but, again how many of us would be able to do so? I would rather be happy to live confined inside my life but living life on my own condition than being part of the rat race. Eagle was I born and Eagle shall I die. Why should I even care about how much I have and even more how much I could have made. Until I'm happy with what I have its fine. Maybe in opinion of most of you this is another way of covering up failure. Let be. You know really let it be, If that soothes my heart let. My being satisfied in this world with least or nothing wouldn't help or degraded your standing in this world. So why can't you accept it?

Remember "Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh" yes, I'm what I'm. Don't you love this feeling. Free from peoples expectation, free from limits of this life, free from all the tantrums that this world throws on you. Yes free soul, same as Tom Petty 'I'm Free fallin'', Life is really good until you want it to be. I believe life is all about making choices between radio buttons. Those who think they are check boxes, they are the one living a miserable life running from pillar to post to connect all the dots that they think improve their living condition. Again can they guarantee that just when someone would reach the last dot on this 2D world the next dot wouldn't be become visible and extending the rat race by another and yet another dot?

Those who are happy are the one who contribute most to the masses. And if you're mistaking it from people who live life larger than life, think again. I don't want to take names here of people but history of mankind is flooded with people who the life in the simplest possible way and yet contributed a lot to their race their people. If can ever even make it till there I would be just more than happy. But then again the first step towards it is being happy and if living on my own conditions makes me happy and satisfied. Gotcha, I'm going to live it that way :)

Do whatever you wish too, the way you desire! Then one fine day every grief on itself would find a way out of our life. And still you think that your life is miserable and the entire universe is conspiring to screw your arse then, Sorry man you are already screwed by this thought, you are in deep shit, your condition is pathetic, you would never make it out of it. This is it. This the maximum possible negativity I can think just in order to nod to your argument to make you happy. But think again I might be an complete arse. You aren't in such a bad condition! Just look around if till now you have been living on this planet in midst of people surely you would find someone somewhere even in more pitiable state than yours. Look if they could, about whom you then thought they where poor and felt pity about them, then why can't you. So be an Eagle, spread your wings, look up into the sky and leap. But never forget Eagle has a sharpest descent too. So never look for something which is too small, when compared to the entire life that you would be living, as Eagle does for its prays and starts its descents. Rise up, if not up at-least enjoy the sail, enjoy it. No second chance, no other day, no other place would be like this. Enjoy, Live on your own terms. Live it large. Don't live trying to make it large.

Happy Life :)

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amit said...

Well said DK.. A gud attitude towards life..